Isekai Mahou Chapter 21 Release

You can find the chapter here. The author intentionally made this chapter short because the next one is so long. Chapter 22 is roughly on par with Chapter 20 length-wise, but chock full of battle scenes that are both exciting and a pain to translate. Look forward to it.

In other news, I switched up the theme I was using because I was getting a bit tired of how plain the old theme looked. It was nice because the font was large (and I can’t change CSS settings without WordPress premium or self-hosting) and it was mobile-friendly – the latter of which seems surprisingly rare for free themes. I am much more fond of this new design, but the font size is noticeably smaller; let me know if this causes any problems in terms of readability.

Isekai Mahou Chapter 20 Release

Super long chapter! More than twice as long as the previous chapter… and yet only about 2/3 the length of a typical LN chapter. LN translators, I salute you. Anyway, here’s the chapter for your enjoyment. Even though it’s a chapter about Reiji, it’s a pretty good one and the chapter that heralds the beginning of all the real plot development in this series.

On the matter of translation notes, I’d previously made a mistake when translating Lefille’s full name. The last part of her name, Noshias, is taken from the name of her country, which fell to the Mazoku before the story’s beginning. I’ve now reconciled those translations. (Let me know if you notice that I missed one.)

The final item I’d like to address is altogether unrelated to the topic of translation, but one that might be of interest to some of you – I’ve prepared a list of published, Western fiction that I think would greatly appeal to all fans of LN-dom. If you’re interested, hit the jump.


Isekai Mahou Chapter 19 Release

First off, sorry this one took a while even though it’s not that long. I started reading a certain Chinese web novel series, 煉神領域 or “The Alchemist God’s Domain”, and got incredibly addicted haha. (It’s currently being translated here for anyone interested, incidentally, while you can find my thoughts on the series here). Long story short, I caught up on all 450+ chapters in under a week, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for translating XD Anyway, I highly recommend it, particularly if you can read Chinese and can drown yourself in the raws 😉

Next up, a correction. In the last two chapters, I translated a certain term as “Other Race”. I’d like to explain a little more about that as well as make a correction. The series uses two distinct terms when talking about the demons: “魔族” (Mazoku), which directly translates to “demon race”, and “異なる種族” (kotonaru shuzoku) which essentially means “different/varied race(s)” (plurals can be hard to distinguish from singulars in Chinese/Japanese). Originally, I’d opted for “other” in the sense of “different”, but was made aware by wuhugm from the animesuki forums that this was meant to describe the fact that there are multiple races serving under the Mazoku. As such, I’ve updated my past translations to say “Varied Races” instead, which is what I’ll be using from now on.

Finally, the current chapter release can be found here. Another rather mild chapter, serving as buildup for the next few. The next chapter will be about Reiji’s party, while chapter 21, titled “Meeting the Enemy” is where the action begins! Look forward to it.

Isekai Mahou Chapter 16 Release

Many apologies for the long period without either releases or status updates. I was a bit busy with school for a while, but that’s passed, and I should be good for some time to come. Here’s chapter 16. (It’s a good one!) Releases for the foreseeable future should come out with regular timing.

Do note for the future that if I ever have to stop due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ll make sure to let you guys know. If it’s been a while and you haven’t seen anything from me, you can probably safely assume that I’m just being slow or busy.