Isekai Mahou (Table of Contents)



  1. Why does everyone go inactive at the most exciting times in the novels T-T. Isekai Mahou, Majin tenseiki, World Teacher. How I wish that I could get the chapters faster :(. Ideally the authors should get translators to translate the novels and then sell the translated versions of those novels. Pity that officially translated stuff tends to be of lower quality than fan translated stuff…

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    1. official translations are usually more concerned with wider audience than pleasing a smaller audience, i hate buying monster musume for this reason where instead of translate they inject puns into it…

      it seems every single thing i love, the translation grinds to a halt or ends right when its starting to get really interesting… all i need is a good guide to learning japanese, how to look up words, how to figure out where one ends another begins and i would be more or less set to translate the hard way.

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      1. download translator aggregator(with mecab and jparser), tagaini jisho, and jwepc. that will suffice, albeit the hard way.


        1. List some good web novels and light novels?


          Yuusha Party, Only Sense Online, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, Slime Tensei, Toshokan Sensou, Madan no Ou to Vanadis, Magicraft Meister, Tsuyokute New Saga, and Spirit Migration to name a few.

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          1. weird I’ve read all of them and personally I didn’t enjoy the Vanadis or spirit migration, or slime tensei as much as world teacher personally. Guess we definitely have different tastes. Though I agree yuusha party and magicraft master are very fun to read.

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          2. Only Sense Online is essentially slice of life with some battles every now and then. People who enjoy that niche genre might find it a good timesink, but it’s not something you’d call ‘good’ in general.


          3. Also against the gods, martial God asura, the man picked up by God, death march HEavenly Jewel change, magi’s grandson, Tales of demons and gods, law of the devil. Even more but I have to check.


  2. Can the author please stop sucking the MC’s dick? He can’t stop praising his endless desires and ambitions its making me sick.


    1. Why are you saying that here? till this point in the story the author stays away from that kind of behavior, though yeah after where this translator dropped it, it all just goes down hill fast…

      After the fight with Rajas, the quality just kinda disappears, all the characters take a major hit to their intelligence aside from the guy that framed the MC, but he goes from being a good guy doing what was best for the world to just some jerk everyone hates for daring to do something mean, the goddess goes from something good/amazing to just turns into a gimmick to be hated, the heroine is turned into a literal kid meant to be protected both psychically and emotionally, the hero goes from a bright yet naive character to an idiot simpleton driven by emotion, the princess goes from a bright dutiful person doing what’s best for her kingdom to just another girl that fell for the hero, the heroes childhood friend goes from dependable into the type of character that goes out of her way to unintentionally be a nuisance, the MC becomes an everyday simpleton MC that despite being portrayed as calm acts like an emotional idiot that jumps to conclusions based on faulty logic that just so happens to always be right since he’s supposed to be smart enough to know what he’s talking about, the only character that may have benefited from the change is the white flame since she just got her misdeeds forgotten and her meager contributions overvalued by the now simpleton MC…

      Worst of all though is how the story slows down immensely and just becomes a jumble of generic look how great this MC is developments, to the point that the same amount of development we get within 3 chapters here we don’t get again within the next 60 chapters… after the fight with rajas…


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